Tuesday, November 22, 2005


* Philosophers' Carnival XXII is up at "For Those at Home."

* Natalie Bennett has started a cultural guide to London (HT: EMN)

* An interesting discussion of the argument from desire at Prosblogion and FQI. Independent of this, but worth reading in conjunction with the discussion, is Ed Cook's Does Joy Lead to God? Lewis, Beversluis, and the Argument from Desire.

* I've been having an interesting discussion with Richard on the actual world in possible worlds analysis here and here. It's not an issue I think about much, so if I made any mistakes, swoop in and correct me.

* Macht discusses ID and reductionism at "prosthesis". Of course, my own view is that this is why everyone should be (broadly) Aristotelian. You know you want to be.

* An interesting post on the movie, Hero, discussing how someone with a good knowledge of Chinese culture and story might view it somewhat differently from those of us who don't know much about it at all: Hero and Mao at "Frog in a Well:China".

* A good discussion by Sarah Sumner of the textual reasons why we should give a certain priority to Ephesians 5:21 (be subject to one another) over 5:22 (wives to your husbands). (HT: Better Bibles Blog).

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