Sunday, March 19, 2006


* Rex Murphy muses on Stephen Harper's use of the phrase "God bless Canada" in his speeches, which has garnered some controversy in the Great White North. (HT: Magic Statistics)

* At "Magic Statistics" Scott Galbreath discusses why aboriginals are over-represented in Canada's jails.

* Augustine and the Case for Limited Government (PDF) by Linda Raeder (HT: verum ipsum)

* In the comments to a thread at "Adventures in Science and Ethics" coturnix (of "Science and Politics") gives a useful evaluation of the state of animal treatment in scientific research.

* Martin Lin has an excellent paper on Spinoza's arguments for the existence of God (PDF).

* Gareth Matthews's Philosophy for Kids page.

* An interesting paper on the justification of induction: Completing Kornblith's Project (PDF), by John Zeis.

* I thought this post (on a paper by Pruss) at "Reality Conditions" was an interesting one.

* Saul Fisher's Analytic Philosophy of Architecture: A Course.

Roger Scruton, On the Mend, on the custom of repair.

Also worth reading: About Morality, by hilzoy, at "Obsidian Wings" (HT: Science & Politics)

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