Sunday, March 26, 2006

Links and Things

* An interesting paper by Mark Sharlow: Chemical Possibility and Modal Semantics (PDF).

* At "Philosophy, etc.," Richard has a good post on Customer Consultation vs. Democratic Deliberation. See also Bowling Together by Coleman and Gøtze.

* A great Borges resource page (HT: Reality Conditions). My favorite Borges stories, if you are interested in knowing, are "La busca de Averroes" (which I can't find online anywhere Thanks to Alejandro for pointing out that it is here); Tlön, Uqbar, Orbius Tertius (I find the whole notion of a Nihilartikel fascinating); and El Sur.

* Chris at "Mixing Memory" has a link to an interview with Daniel Dennett on his recent book.

* Heo Cwaeth continues her series on "Medieval Women I Adore" with Hrotswitha von Gandersheim.


* Ed Cook at "Ralph the Sacred River" debunks some common urban legends about cannabis and the Bible; some of which are found in the Wikipedia article on cannabis.

* Fido the Yak muses on shoes, ways of thinking, and disposability in the context of Roger Scruton's "On the Mend".

* Chris Bray mentions Martin Van Ceveld at "Cliopatria." I've read two of his works (Command in War and Supplying War), which are quite good (I particularly liked Supplying War). There are several things by him online. Some particularly interesting examples: Through a Glass, Darkly, which briefly discusses the way war has changed through the centuries; Sonshi's interview with Van Creveld, in which he discusses Sun-Tzu's The Art of War, Iraq, and war in general; The Blemish of Conquest.

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