Saturday, March 11, 2006

Notes and Links

* The Battlestar Galactica finale, for those who haven't seen it, is quite amazing; nowhere near as startling as the shooting of Adama at the end of last season, but good nonetheless, and much more drastic. From here on out it's a different game.

* A good post on the proper paragraphing of Ephesians 5, by Wayne Leman at "Better Bibles Blog".

* From Henry Drummond's Lowell Lectures on the Ascent of Man (1894):

There are reverent minds who ceaselessly scan the fields of Nature and the books of Science in search of gaps—gaps which they will fill up with God. As if God lived in gaps? What view of Nature or of Truth is theirs whose interest in Science is not in what it can explain but in what it cannot, whose quest is ignorance not knowledge, whose daily dread is that the cloud may lift, and who, as darkness melts from this field or from that, begin to tremble for the place of His abode? What needs altering in such finely-jealous souls is at once their view of Nature and of God. Nature is God’s writing, and can only tell the truth; God is light, and in Him is no darkness at all. [From chapter X]

Henry Drummond was a nineteenth-century evangelical who associated with Moody and lectured on science. (HT: Evangelical Outpost)

* An interesting article on the concept of ijtihad, from a Shia perspective.

* Thought for the day: The first responsibility of any human being to any other human being is good will.

* UPDATE: I just remembered that Doctor Who is making its U.S. premiere this week (March 17) on the Sci-Fi Channel. Do watch it. I've already seen the first season (via the CBC, which proves that a Canadian BBC-wanna-be can still be good for something) and it was quite good. The original Doctor Who is the longest-running science fiction show in history (26 years!) and the new series is a good follow-up. I doubt it will last as long, but it's got plenty of potential for good things.

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