Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Readings Pursuant to the Theme of International Women's Day

For Blog Against Sexism Day, laypalady at "It's a Scarf!" has provided an interesting and worthwhile post on Christianity and sexism. Highly recommended. Also of interest for Blogging Against Sexism Day:

Tenth Carnival of the Feminists at "Indian Writing"

Science and Sexism at "Adventures in Ethics and Science"

What it feels like for a geek girl at "Radioactive Banana"

International Women's Day at "The Huntress"

On International Women's Day at "Philobiblon"

Women's History at "Writing at Jo(e)"

Playing Doctors and Nurses at "Peregrinations"

Grid-blog for International Women's Day: Hammer-Time at "Thursday PM"

"What I am doing and what I have failed to do" at "Hugo Schwyzer"

It's an old post, but I want to bring it up again. At "Sappho's Breathing" two years ago there was a post called Why do women want to be philosophers? The post raised the serious issue of women in academic philosophy. Things are better than they used to be (which wouldn't take much), but they are far from acceptable. (See also the article by Julie Van Camp on Female-Friendly Departments.) As I've mentioned before, there is also this widespread assumption that the study of women philosophers (e.g., Astell, Masham, Wollstonecraft, Shepherd) is not significant work, that, because they are marginal in terms of curriculum, they must also be intellectually marginal as well. This is an attitude that needs to be undone. Here is the website of The Society for Women in Philosophy, which does a lot of good work in bettering the situation.

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