Friday, June 16, 2006

Additional Links

* History Carnival XXXIII is up at "American Presidents Blog."

* H. G. Wells's essay, World Brain: The Idea of a Permanent World Encyclopedia, was mentioned in Scott McLemee's recent Inside Higher Ed column on Wikipedia.

* Chris at "Mixing Memory" discusses a recent 'Experimental Philosophy' study which shows some promise.

* Lee at "verbum ipsum" has a great selection from C. S. Lewis on the connection between belief in eternal life and love of neighbor.

* The comments on Ophelia Benson's recent post on rational inquiry at the Notes and Comments section of "Butterflies and Wheels" have been interesting.

* Gregory Chaitin often argues that mathematics is what he calls 'quasi-empirical'. He explains what he means by this in a number of very readable online papers.

* Since it's summer, it's perhaps worth reminding everyone that a reasonable amount of playfulness is a virtue. So devote some time to delighting your soul. Within reason, of course.

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