Thursday, June 08, 2006


* Elizabeth Anscombe's Contraception and Chastity can be read online. Besides the topics in its title, it also clarifies some misconceptions about natural law. It also comes with responses and Anscombe's reply to those responses.

* The BBC has a happiness test. My score:

Highly satisfied
People who score in this range love their lives and feel that things are going very well. Your life is not perfect, but you feel it is about as good as life gets. Furthermore, just because you are satisfied does not mean you are complacent. In fact, growth and challenge might be part of the reason you are satisfied. For most people in this high-scoring range, life is enjoyable, and the major domains of life are going well - work or school, family, friends, leisure, and personal development.

* Scott McLemee interviews Ophelia Benson at Inside Higher Ed. She's rather vague, but makes considerable sense.

* Gordon Marino has an article on boxing and philosophy at The Chronicle of Higher Education.

* Jeremy Pierce has a post on a recent piece in The Huffington Post. He defends Campus Crusade for Christ against a recent smear, but the argument is more generally about a certain type of ghoulishness that is eager to call good evil.

->Blogger is still acting badly. This is the worst it's been since Google took over; I wonder what's going on.

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