Monday, June 12, 2006


* Some recent posts on Berkeley that I've been commenting on: Kenny Pearce presents The Foundational Argument of Berkeleian Metaphysics. John Depoe at "Fides Quarens Intellectum" has a post on Russell's criticism of Berkeley's logic, and is planning on having a post up soon on Russell's criticism of Berkeley's empirical arguments for idealism. (UPDATE: It is now up here.)

* LaShawn Barber blogs about Loving v. Virginia. UPDATE: Also see Shay's post at "Booker Rising"; Laura James's post at "Clews: The Historic True Crime Blog."

* You can listen to the 'Mosquito' (it's a sound that usually can be heard only by people under 25). I'm over 25, but I could hear it, and it's really irritating. Listening to it much longer than the few seconds I did would give me a headache.

* There's a list at "Prosblogion" of Keith DeRose's posts on universalism at Generous Orthodoxy.

* John M. Christensen has an article on New Atlantis Revisited: Science and the Victorian Tale of the Future and Patrick Parrindar's News from Nowhere, The Time Machine and the Break-Up of Classical Realism at Science Fiction Studies. (HT: LP)

* Seek out the Blue Flower in Novalis's classic of German Romanticism, Heinrich von Osterdingen.

* Heo Cwaeth presents the Old English poem "Deor" and its translation. You can hear it spoken here. The "þæs oferéode ðisses swá mæg" is quite catchy; I'll have to remember it.

* Now, that's a beach. Lucky Wales.

UPDATE: Philosophers' Carnival XXXI is up at "Kenny Pearce". There are some great posts this time around; I hope to get around to posting on some of them, as soon as I stop being suddenly busy. (Yes, 'suddenly busy' is an ongoing event here!)

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