Tuesday, July 25, 2006


* The SEP has a great article on the Lvov-Warsaw School of Logic, focusing on Łukasiewicz and Tarski, with a few others (including Stanisław Leśniewski, a founder of analytic mereology, although most mereology in the English-speaking world is closer to the Goodman-Leonard 'calculus of individuals').

* What's your 4400 ability? The questions aren't always the same when you go through it, so go through it more than once. I seem to waver between "Big-Hearted Healer" and "Mind-Control Master".

* Annette Ejsing has posted the introduction to her recent book, Theology of Anticipation: A Constructive Study of C. S. Peirce "Theology and Ethics from Liquidoxology".

* The program for the Hume Society meeting in Koblenz (August 7-10) is up. As is standard, members of the Hume Society can download the papers. You know what I'll be reading the next two weeks.

* At "God, Faith, and a Pen" Hesham Hassaballa reflects on stereotypes against Muslims in Getting to Know One Another.

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