Thursday, July 06, 2006

Notes and Links

* The Advertising Slogan Generator (HT: A Blog Around the Clock) tells me that the slogan for Siris should be:

Siris Unscripted

It's catchy. Other slogans it suggested:

This Is Not Your Father's Siris.
Better Living Through Siris.
You Need A Siris.
The Siris of Champions.
The Loudest Noise Comes From The Electric Siris.
Monsieur, with this Siris you are really spoiling us.
The Coolest Siris on Ice.
Siris - Australian for Beer.
Good Siris has Danish written all over it.

Hmm; then this is not Good Siris, because I know not a lick of Danish. And if Siris were Australian for beer, this would be a much more popular weblog. One of my favorites:

Every Kiss Begins With Siris.

* History Carnival XXXIV is up at "Chapati Mystery".

* Philosophers' Carnival XXXII is up at "Adventures in Ethics and Science".

* You can read Lyman Abbott's pleasant little book, Laicus, at Project Gutenberg. I wish more people would read it; although it was written in the nineteenth century, it deals with confusions about churches that American Christians continue to have.

* Hilarious: Umberto Eco and the Bunnymen. I'd like to hear a few of those albums. Errr...that says something about me, doesn't it?

* Mixed Race Twins at (HT: Parableman). It shows how superficial a characteristic apparent race can be; and Jeremy's question at "Parableman" is an interesting one to ask in this context.

* "The Elfin Ethicist" discusses Aquinas on the right to resist governing authorities, even providing a handy flowchart.

* "Triablogue" has put together a 'book' on Reformed philosophy of religion, including sections on the existence of God, the problem of evil, free will and moral responsibility, divine attributes, miracles, faith and religion, religious language, Christian theism and abstracta, Christianity and science, and Christian ethics. Quite a trove here. (HT: Rebecca Writes)

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