Thursday, August 10, 2006

A Dream of Tabor

On Tabor we are the resplendent garment: Christ is one, Christ is many, Christ is the union of one and many; and this does not exhaust Him.

On Tabor we are divinized in the glory of the God-Man: Christ is infinite, Christ is finite, Christ is the union of infinite and finite; and this does not exhaust Him.

On Tabor our light is Christ's light manifest in us: we are in Him and He is in us; we receive from Him and He from us; through His assimilation to us we are assimilated to Him; and this does not exhaust Him.

On Tabor He is the effulgence of the Father: Christ is the divine possibility of what is impossible for us; He is the divine existence of what is lacking in us; He is the Word through whom all contingent things are, through Whose contingency the chains of necessity are overcome; and this does not exhaust Him.

On Tabor the light is Holy with the energies of God, the divine work inexhaustible in beauty, eternal light made manifest.

As Palamas says (Triads 3.1.15), "The transformation of our human nature, its deification and transfiguration -- were these not accomplished in Christ from the start, from the moment in which He assumed our nature? Thus He was divine before, but He bestowed at the time of His Transfiguration a divine power upon the eyes of the apostles and enable them to look up and see for themselves." The miracle of the Mount was not that Christ became splendid, but that Christ's splendor was seen.

Who do people say He is? Some that He is a prophet, but Peter that He is the Christ, the Son of the Living God.

What is the task of the Christ? To suffer and to die; but Peter is offended by this. And He says: Get behind me, Satan; your mind is not of God.

How shall He be followed? Take up your cross, as well. Who would save His life will lose it; who would lose His life will save it; who is ashamed of Christ in this sinful generation, Christ shall be ashamed of Him in glory among the angels.

Some who are standing here shall not taste death until they see the Kingdom of God come in power. It is seen on Mount Tabor, the Mystery of the eighth day of creation. Beyond the Sabbath rest is the splendor of endless glory. And the Mystery is this: Peter's confession is true. He is the Christ, the Son of the Living God, Light of Light.

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