Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Edith Stein

Today is the feast of Edith Stein. While the exact circumstances of her death are unclear, our evidence is that Stein was gassed at Auschwitz on this day in 1942.

"What Does the Prayer Really Say?" has a dialogue between Ambrose and Augustine written by Stein.

ICS has the whole of Edith Stein's book, The Hidden Life, online.

Marianne Sawicki's translation of Stein's An Investigation into the State is also online.

Excerpts from her masterpiece of phenomenology, Finite and Eternal Being. I looked briefly at some of the early arguments in that work my first year blogging, and also quoted a passage on thinking with the heart and another on the Interior Castle later on.

Stein's Sprituality of the Christian Woman at EWTN.

John Sullivan's essay, Edith Stein's Humor and Compassion, gives many quotations from her.

Edith Stein's letter to Pope Pius XI about the anti-semitism of the Nazis.

Marianne Sawicki also has a good discussion of the four treatises Stein wrote while she was Husserl's assistant. It's also worth noting that she was one of the most important editorial hands contributing to Husserl's Ideen II (and is the one responsible for the current structure of the work and for some passages, although she was not the last one to work on it with Husserl). I've posted a short passage from "Sentient Causality" in which she criticizes Hume.

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