Thursday, August 03, 2006

Wisdom from Peter Maurin

The following are from Peter Maurin's Easy Essays.

Politics Is Politics

A politician is an artist
in the art of following the wind
of public opinion.

He who follows the wind
of public opinion
does not follow
his own judgement.

And he who does not follow
his own judgement
cannot lead people
out of the beaten path.

He is like the tail of a dog
that tries to lead the head.

When people stand behind their president
and their president
stands behind them
they and their president
go around in a circle
getting nowhere.

World War - 1914

As President Wilson said,
the World War
was a commercial war.

But a commercial war
had to be idealized,
so it was called
a War for Democracy.

But the War for Democracy
did not bring Democracy:
it brought
Bolshevism in Russia,
Fascism in Italy,
Nazism in Germany.

You can find more 'Easy Essays' online at The Catholic Worker.

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