Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Links of Note

* History Carnival XL is up at "Old is the New New."

* Biblical Studies Carnival #10 is up at "Religions of the Ancient Mediterranean."

* Bob Marley's "Redemption Song" covered by Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros. Probably my favorite version of the song. Joe Strummer, of course, was one of the pioneers of punk, best known for his work with the Clash.

* A Non-Philosopher's Guide to Philosophical Terms (HT: EMN)

* The Little Professor has Pilgrim's Progress links.

* Those who found my recent post on morning and evening knowledge interesting would probably also like Msgr. John McCarthy's summary of Augustine's account of the first four days of creation. (Ht: In illo tempore)

* Probably the best place to look for those interested in the Pope's recent Regensburg speech is "Gypsy Scholar." At that weblog Horace Jeffery Hodges has pointed out what the Pope actually said in the original German, discussed Tariq Ramadan's comments on the speech, compared the Pope's line of thought with a line of thought found in Rémi Brague, discussed Lee Harris's comments on the speech, commented on Marie-Hélène Congourdeau's comments, compared the Pope's comments on Europe to things he has said elsewhere, pointed out that a part of the speech is a critique of Protestantism, and discussed Berwick's comments on the speech.

* There's an interesting discussion of national debt at "Asymmetrical Information."