Friday, November 03, 2006

Notable Links

* The nominations for the 2006 Cliopatria Awards have opened. The purpose of the Cliopatria Awards is to recognize the best history writing in the blogosphere. There are awards in six categories: Best Group Blog; Best Individual Blog; Best New Blog; Best Post; Best Series of Posts; and Best Writing. Blogs and posts may be nominated in multiple categories; and individuals may nominate more than one. Judges of categories are not eligible to nominate or be nominated for that category; but they may be nominated for other categories. For further information and to nominate blogs, posts, or series of posts for the Awards, visit the 2006 Cliopatria Awards index. Please take some time to consider whether you've come across any posts or blogs on historical topics, or about history, that might be good candidates for an Award.

* "Holocaust Controversies" is hosting the 42nd History Carnival.

* Michael Pakaluk argues that eudaimonia and flourishing are very different concepts.

* A list of other people's Top Twenty theology lists at "Faith and Theology".

* Chris has a fascinating post on polysemy vs. homonymy at "Mixing Memory". It strikes me that it would be interesting to juxtapose the results with traditional thought about analogous and equivocal predication (or imposition of names), which is a very similar distinction.

* Tag Cloud for Major Presidential Speeches, all the way back to Washington. (Ht: Crooked Timber)

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