Sunday, December 03, 2006


Which South Park kid are you most like?


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I'm borderline, though, because a shift in one of the questions to which I could have given two different answers makes me Butters. And I really must rise to the defense of young Leopold Stotch, because this is the tagline given for him:

Butters: You are extremely naive. You'll believe whatever anyone tells you. This is because your parents have sheltered you.

Err....It needs to be said that this is most assuredly not right. Butters's parents are very authoritarian, but what they do can't be called 'sheltering'. The most controversial arc in the Butters character is that his parents abuse him terribly; what makes the character so endearing is that he's such a cute, innocent sweetheart despite the fact that he has a horrible life (his birthday, for instance, is September 11; his parents tried to sell him as a pet to Paris Hilton; his mother attempted to drown him at one point; his tapdancing at the National Tap Dancing Competition inadvertently led to the death of eleven people; etc.). The glimpses of abuse were so controversial that Stone and Parker were actually told by the network never to show such things again.

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