Sunday, January 14, 2007

Carnival of Citizens #3

The Third Carnival of Citizens is up at "Sportive Thoughts". The theme is Reconciliation. My complicity and solidarity post is one of the contributions; as is an interesting post by Richard on potential problems with forgiveness. Go and see.

By the way, I see that Eugene Volokh provides us with the Illinois Compiled Statutes definition of a carnival:

"Carnival" means and includes an aggregation of attractions, whether shows, acts, games, vending devices or amusement devices, whether conducted under one or more managements or independently, which are temporarily set up or conducted in a public place or upon any private premises accessible to the public, with or without admission fee, and which, from the nature of the aggregation, attracts attendance and causes promiscuous intermingling of persons in the spirit of merrymaking and revelry.

In other words: go and promiscuously intermingle.

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