Sunday, January 14, 2007

Some Selected Poem Re-Drafts II

Night Scene

Soft as silver a silent river
like a sliver on the land
winds and wanders; pauses, ponders;
wends again like weathering wind.


garden fountains pour
living streams refreshed by shower
greening leaf and blooming flower
around the lily white

fresh and dewy-petalled light
surrrounds her, silver scented
where God on earth is tented
spreading grace and fire

see her many-gifted hand
granting merci to her knights
vital sips of paradise
vivid dreams of sainted lands
beyond the ken of learning wise

see how under maddened moon
in lights bewitching to a swoon
she walks on rain-wet paths
through shades of minds demented
calming with her touch and song
the ache of heart that, maddened, longs
for better world and wonder

she inspires to seek the true
by gentle kiss of breath
a wind outracing wings of death
bringing hoping heart to light
speaking troth, giving life

as the mover moves the stars
as cloud to earth calls in thunder
she calls, she moves, she draws
that lovers may learn of loving awe
that every heart may be renewed
a fresher flower young with dew


Bent back, aching feet,
shoulders overladen,
endless march behind me,
weary, I have journeyed,
seeking rest.

In this up-country climb,
endless driving days,
I have journeyed onward,
seeking the end.

But now the final hill,
swarded green and sandy,
falls back beneath my feet;
it opens endlessly out
to a never-ending roar.

It is morning here;
the march is done;
the strong light leaps,
somersaulting the sea.

Loyola at Llobregar

On the river-bank I sit,
water running past,
mind running past,
a path ever-moving.
It courses over stones,
overflowing matter,
dividing as a unity,
drawn to a natural place,
rushing like a music
to divine consummation.
The mind now prepared
by ten thousand disciplines
flows with the river
to the ocean of God.

Lull upon the Mountain

Like lightning in the storm
where bolts of God rain down
was the conversion of the wheels,
the wheels within the wheels,
the Principles of All
in never-ceasing orbit!

The lights were strangely shining
in the fallen mountain-darkness
when Raymond saw the wheels,
the wheels within the wheels,
the glory of the signs
in ever-turning circles!

Peace pours out like oceans,
tumbling in the darkness;
Ophanim move in glory,
the wheels within the wheels,
the holy presence racing
in a chariot of fire!

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