Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Amazing Change

The Amazing Change is part of a modern abolition campaign designed to raise to consciousness the fact that slavery still occurs in this world -- that, in fact, there are more slaves now than there have ever been -- and that there are things that can be done to address this problem.

The Amazing Change has several partner organizations. One of them is the International Justice Mission, an international human rights organization devoted to rescuing victims of slavery and violence. Another organization is Free the Slaves, which takes a more indirect route by trying to reduce the vulnerability of the poor to slavery by establishing ways they can meet their basic needs. A third is ChildVoice International. A fourth is RugMark, which is devoted to ending illegal child labor.

This then provides a number of possible venues for giving.

(1) You can donate to the Amazing Change Fund.
(2) You can donate a dollar to ChildVoice to buy a brick to help put up a ChildVoice center in Uganda. Or you can donate to ChildVoice's general activities through their PayPal page.
(3) You can donate to Free the Slaves.
(4) You can donate to International Justice Mission.
(5) You can donate to RugMark, and also make sure that if you buy any rugs, you buy rugs that have been certified by RugMark not to have been produced with illegal child labor.

All of these things are fairly easy to do; so there's a good set of choices here.

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