Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Notes and Links

* Joe Carter has the right term for this: heart-rending.

* Marica Bernstein, Experimental Philosophy Meets Experimental Design: 23 Questions (PDF), critiques the experimental philosophy movement, and along the way gives a summary of the basics of experimental design. But the comments at the Experimental Philosophy blog should be read as well.

* In Rich Little Rich Girl Karen Marie Knapp tells the story of Katherine Marie Drexel.

* New Critique is a nice resource on Herman Dooyeweerd.

* A very interesting post on Christianity and the subjective problem of sin at "21st Century Reformation".

* Auxiliary Bishop Fisher of Australia discusses conscience-based ethics.

* The Citizens' Symposium, spinoff of the Carnival of Citizens, is up and running. The first theme is Free Speech; the deadline is March 24th.

* Currently reading God is Watching You: Supernatural Agent Concepts Increase Prosocial Behavior in an Anonymous Economic Game (PDF). Hat-tip to Chris, who discusses it. The discussion of 'reputational concerns' reminds me a bit, actually, of St. Jeanne Chantal, who somewhere points out that if people took divine omnipresence more seriously than they usually do, they would be much more careful about what they do.

* Currently re-reading: Religion's Evolutionary Landscape: Counterintuition, commitment, compassion, communion (PDF) by Scott Atran and Ara Norenzayan, on various points in the cognitive science of religion.

* TheGodFearinFiddler asks, Is Tradition Reliable? (ht: The Patristics Roundup at "hyperekperissou")


* Interfaith Works, formerly Interfaith Power and Light, helps churches to be more environment-friendly.

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