Saturday, March 10, 2007

Proverbs Pertaining to the Use of Proverbs

A proverb in the mouth of a fool hangs limp, like crippled legs. (Pr. 26:7)

Like a thorn stick brandished by the hand of a drunkard is a proverb in the mouth of fools. (Pr. 26:9)

The sayings of the wise are like goads; like fixed spikes are the topics given by one collector. (Ecclesiastes 12:11)

The mind of a sage appreciates proverbs, and an attentive ear is the wise man's joy. (Sir. 3:28)

Any learned man should make wisdom known, and he who attains to her should declare her praise; those trained in her words must show their wisdom, dispensing sound proverbs like life-giving waters. (Sir. 18:28-29)

A proverb when spoken by a fool is unwelcome, for he does not utter it at the proper time. (Sir. 20:19)

A proverb is to the speech what salt is to the food. (Ethiopian proverb)

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