Monday, April 23, 2007

More Notables, More Linkables

* On April 29th, Siris will be hosting the early modern edition of Carnivalesque. If, since the last early modern edition (February 24th) you have had a post on anything of historical interest from the period 1450-1850, submit it. You can submit in three ways:

(1) E-mail me at branemrys[at]yahoo[dot]com
(2) Use the carnival address, carnivalesque[at]earlymodernweb[dot]org[dot]uk
(3) Use the Blog Carnival submission form

I should say that when I say 'April 29th' I mean that it will probably be on the evening of April 29th; since my time zone is currently UTC-5, this may be very early morning on the 30th for some of my readers.

* Chris digs up an 1870 article on women's rights by the odious Robert Lewis Dabney, who manages to be racist, classist, and sexist simultaneously.

* Razib has an interesting argument that the approaches to religion of Atran and Boyer on the one hand and Wilson on the other are complementary.

* Ambrosius at "The Cornell Society for a Good Time" discusses Distributism in modern America. Like Kevin Jones I'm not convinced you can have a genuine distributism, or even an approximation to it, without distributed proprietorship, which is very different from having stock options.

* The Philosophers' Carnival is up at "The Space of Reasons". Daniel Dennett makes a showing, in what is one of the better posts of this carnival; I wouldn't put things exactly the same way, but I was pleasantly surprised by it.

* At "Serendipities" we have an interesting discussion of Maurice Bloch's sharp criticism of meme theory as, basically, redundant cultural anthropology with metaphors instead of facts. Ouch. But it does suggest how one might really understand the sort of scientific work memetic theory seems to suggest, namely, by looking at what cultural anthropologists are already doing.

* One of the interesting religious innovations sparked by the internet is the Catholic cause-for-canonization website. Such websites are becoming relatively common. Here are a few I've run across recently:
Teresa of Calcutta, Religious
John Paul II, Pope
Fulton Sheen, Archbishop
Dorothy Day
Isabel of Spain, Queen
Karl of Austria, King
Demetrius Gallitzin, Priest
Vincent Capodanno, Priest
Catherine Doherty
Cyprian Michael Tansi, Priest
Patrick Peyton, Priest and Religious
Isaac Hecker, Priest
Catherine McAuley, Religious
Solanus Casey, Priest and Religious
Paul Murphy
John of Vercelli, Priest and Religious
Michael McGivney, Priest
Frederic Ozanam
Rafael Guizar y Valencia, Bishop
Diego González, Priest
Stanslaus Papczynski, Priest
Kunjachan, Priest
Zofia Czeska, Religious

* Currently reading:

Tall, Gray, et al. Symbols and the Bifurcation Between Procedural and Conceptual Thinking (PDF)

Kreines, Between the Bounds of Experience and Divine Intuition: Kant's Epistemic Limits and Hegel's Ambitions (PDF)


* (late evening 23 April) David Novak has a review of Dawkins's The God Delusion from a Jewish perspective.

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