Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Race to Mecca

The story is told that a very wealthy man died with two sons. His will stated that only one son will receive anything, namely the son whose horse would lose a race from Medina to Mecca.

The race was arranged, but after many months neither son had made it far outside the gates of Medina. There are infinitely many ways to defer a goal, and they were each trying to be the last to reach the holy city.. One day an old man happened by and asked why they both look so frustrated. They told him the whole story.

The old man stood in thought a moment, then said, "You are certain that the will states that the son whose horse reaches Mecca last will receive the inheritance?"

"Yes," said one of the sons; "hence our frustration."

"Then the problem is easily solved: each of you must ride your brother's horse and make sure it reaches Mecca before your own."

So they each jumped on the other's horse and spurred the horses for all they were worth toward Mecca.

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  1. Raymundo Jr. Iligan6:16 AM

    thanks for this post. It helped a lot with my special assignment from my boss. God Bless!


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