Thursday, May 31, 2007


Soothly Mary rising up in those days, went with haste into the hilly places, into a city of Judaea. And she entered into the house of Zacharias, and greeted Elisabeth. And it was done, as Elisabeth heard the salutation of Mary, the young child in her womb gladded.

And Elisabeth was full-filled with the Holy Ghost, and cried with a great voice, and said, "Blessed be thou among women, and blessed be the fruit of thy womb! And whereof is this thing to me, that the mother of my Lord come to me? For lo! as the voice of thy salutation was made in mine ears, the young child gladded with joy in my womb. And blessed be thou, that hast believed, for those things that be said to thee from the Lord, shall be perfectly done."

And Mary said:

"My soul magnifieth the Lord,
and my spirit hath gladded in God, mine health.
For he hath beheld the meekness of his handmaiden.
For lo! of this all generations shall say that I am blessed.
For he that is mighty hath done to me great things,
and his name is holy.
And his mercy is from kindreds into kindreds,
to men that dread him.
He made might in his arm,
he scattered proud men with the thought of his heart.
He put down mighty men from their seats,
and enhanced meek men.
He hath full-filled hungry men with goods,
and he hath left rich men void.
He, having mind of his mercy, took Israel, his child;
as he hath spoken to our fathers, to Abraham and to his seed,
into worlds."

And Mary dwelled with her, as it were three months, and turned again into her house.

[Wycliffe's translation, with some slight repunctuation]

I sincerely hope that your spirit, too, has gladded in God this Visitation-Day.

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