Thursday, June 07, 2007

A Corpus Christi Poem Draft

Corpus Christi

The bread is broken on the table;
into the cup is poured the wine;
by the word the Word our Savior
is made the substance of the sign.

Adam's flesh from fleshly Adam
is free from sinful flesh once more,
for we, by blood and by slain body,
are flesh and blood with Christ our Lord.

Speak, my tongue, of His scourged body,
blessed and broken for our race,
of pricelessness of blood now flowing
to pay our price and grant us grace.

Sing, my voice, the song of angels
as they wonder at his tomb,
which, with side-sprung water flowing,
encompassed us to be our womb.

Love, my heart, the changeless ancient
who descends from God above
to be a babe and passion's patient;
He is God, for God is Love.

Trust, my soul, in Truth most holy:
Truth is true and does not lie.
Free from lie, from lies He freed us;
behold the sign Truth truly died!

Hope, my spirit in your Savior,
who is life, in dying lives,
and is given by the Father
to be the bread that life can give.

Shout, my sisters; shout, my brothers;
from the housetops make it known;
tell the tale on every mountain;
own this well: you are His own!

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