Sunday, July 08, 2007

Links upon Links

* The Rambo IV trailer. It's a rather curious approach to the franchise.

* Jimmy Akin comments on the recent motu proprio restoring the Latin mass as a standard use.

* Sean Aqui notes Madison's solution to abuses of the pardoning power: impeachment.

* Whether naps are necessary for salvation.

* Daniel Mahoney reviews Vaclav Havel's To the Castle and Back.

* The New Criterion is having a roundtable discussion on the meaning of suffering.

* Michael Gerson argues that Second Life embodies a form of nihilism at Jewish World Review.

* Daniel Larison defends Hegel from the charge of being proto-totalitarian: I, II, III. ADDED LATER: IV.

* Johnny-Dee discusses Johnny Cash and eudaimonia at "Right Reason".

* Patrick Poole lists some of the many conflicts between Christians and Muslims in the world.


* Miriam suggests Matthew Arnold's Culture and Anarchy as a text for a critical thinking course. You can find a copy of it online and judge for yourself.

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