Wednesday, July 25, 2007

McKellar at Aetiology

A while ago I mentioned Danica McKellar's forthcoming book, Math Doesn't Suck, which is intended to help get more middle school girls interested in math. Tara Reid of "Aetiology" has a review and an interview with the author. Tara asks the interesting question of how McKellar, in contrast to many other child stars, managed to stay grounded enough to go on to get a degree in mathematics and to be an advocate for math education. McKellar responds:

I attribute much of my staying grounded to my parents, who always made sure to emphasize the importance of schoolwork. Acting was treated as a hobby, and not as the thing that made me "special." I think a lot of poor kids who are child actors get praised again and again for their acting, and aren't praised or encouraged in other areas. So when their acting jobs stop, they feel that they don't have anything else to offer, and their self-esteems simply tank. I love my parents very much, and am so grateful to them for always reminding me what was really important in life: being a good person, developing education and intelligence, and making a contribution to society whenever you can.

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