Thursday, August 02, 2007


A tiny taste of what I've been listening to lately....

* Johnny Cash: Ghost Riders in the Sky (originally performed by Stan Jones)

* The Who: Behind Blue Eyes

* Show of Hands: Roots

* Ella Fitzgerald: Summertime

* Charles Trénet: La mer

* Clannad: Theme from "Harry's Game"

* Sarah Brightman: Scarborough Fair

* Queen: I Want It All

* Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds: Red Right Hand

* Leonard Cohen: Dance Me to the End of Love

* The Clash: I Fought the Law (originally performed by Sonny Curtis and the Crickets)

* America: Inspector Mills

* Mocedades: Eres Tu

* Ides of March: Vehicle

* Wailin' Jennys: The Parting Glass

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