Wednesday, August 15, 2007

So Now You Know

They further questioned: Why does the dog know his master, and the cat does not? and his [i.e., that of R. Elazar b. Zadok] answer was: It is certain that he who eats from what is left by a mouse is apt to have a poor memory, so much the more so the cat that himself consumes the mouse. They questioned again: Why do all these animals (i.e. dogs, cats, and the like) reign over the mice? and he answered: Because the mice are instinctively mischievous, since, says Rabha, they tear even garments; and R. Papa says: They gnaw through even the handle of a pick-ax.

--Babylonian Talmud (Tract Horioth, Chapter III)

So now you know why your cat seems so haughty; it's that she doesn't remember you at all, but would never admit it.

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