Thursday, August 09, 2007

Teresa Benedicta of the Cross

Today is the feast of Edith Stein. Here is a passage from her philosophical masterpiece, Finite and Eternal Being:

God's inner life is the perfectly free, immutable and eternal mutual lvoe among the Divine Persons, independent of all created things and beings. And what the Divine Persons give to each other is one, eternal, and infinite nature and being, wholly encompassing each of them separately and all of them together. This anture and being the Father gives from eternity to the Son by generating him, and from this gift proceeds, as the fruit of mutual love, the Holy Spirit. The being of the second and third persons is thus a received being and yet--unlike created being--no newly originating being. Rather, it is the one divine being, simultaneously given and received, since the giving and receiving pertain to divine being as such.

Edith Stein, Finite and Eternal Being. Kurt Reinhardt, tr. ICS Publications (Washington, DC: 2002), p. 351.

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