Sunday, September 23, 2007

Two New Poem Drafts

Nothing too original here. The first is a loose paraphrase of a Maori prayer. The second is a slightly closer riff on a poem by Catullus.


Cleansing and renewing,
this is vital bread,
food for the hungry,
strength for the task.

To you we give thanks,
for our hills of high story,
for our mountains of prayer,
for tides that give answer,
for endless vast oceans.

Let justice flow down,
bringing peace from on high,
letting dust settle down.
Make the sea to be still,
that all may have peace. Amen.

Iam Ver Egelidos Refert Tepores

Spring returns the mild season;
the furor of equinoctial sky
is stilled by Zephyr's pleasant hushes.
Let us quit these Phrygian fields,
the fertile lands of Nicene heat;
let us fly to Asia's cities of fame.
Now my trembling mind craves roaming,
now my glad feet, eager, grow strong.
Farewell, sweet band of fellow travellers,
who so far strayed together from their homes,
now to diverse ways returned by change!

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