Wednesday, October 31, 2007


I was tagged by Mark Olson. What was I doing 10, 20, 30 years ago? Kind of tricky, because I'm still on the young side of things. Also, I'm always mixing up the order of events in my life. After careful thinking, and some checking, I think this is accurate:

1997: I was working on my theology major at the University of Portland in Portland, Oregon. According to my transcript, these are the classes I took that year:

Fine Arts
Modern Western Civ
Intro Philosophy
Spanish Advanced Conversation and Composition
Judeo-Christian Culture (a 200-level theology course)
Hispanic Culture and Civilization
Elementary Statistics
Minds, Brains, Machines (a philosophy of mind and artificial intelligence course)
Ancient Philosophy
Latin American Literature and Civilization
Gospels: Matthew, Mark, and Luke
Christianity to 1500

(Five courses in the spring, three in the summer, and six in the fall.) I spent a lot of time hanging out with my best friend in college, Moreen; we quickly began to get along quite well. Starting sophomore year (fall of '97) I was roommates with another of my good friends, Mike, who was also Mo's boyfriend (I had known them both before they started dating, because my freshman year Mike lived down the hall in the same wing, and I had met Mo through her roommate Sarah). At some point in my sophomore year, I don't recall quite when, I became a philosophy major.

1987: This is a hard one. In the early part of 1987 I was finishing the third grade at Hillcrest Elementary School in Carlsbad, New Mexico. I don't remember exactly when during that school year, but the school burned down and we had to move to a temporary building to finish out the term. At some point shortly after that I got into the first and only fight of my school career; I punched a kid in the eye for something or other. I did a lot of penny drops from the monkey bars. In the latter part of 1987 I was in fourth grade, of course, and, while I remember a lot about both third grade and fifth grade, I am drawing a complete blank on the fourth grade. I don't even remember the school I was at. (In fifth grade, which was a blast, I was at Pate Elementary School.) I was a Cub Scout -- a Bear Cub, I think.

1977: In 1977 I only engaged in one activity, namely, not existing, since I wasn't born yet.

As usual, I don't tag, but if you feel the urge to post your own 10-20-30, go right ahead.

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