Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Multicultural Counseling

The unfortunate incident at Columbia University, in which a noose was placed on Dr. Madonna Constantine's office door made me curious about what Dr. Constantine does, and it's actually very interesting. She's apparently one of the nation's foremost authorities on the issues involved with multicultural counseling -- i.e., the problems of counseling and counseling psychology when the people served are very diverse. It's important work, because very few counseling psychology programs in the U.S. are presently able to assess how well they train counselors to handle diversity, despite the fact that this is an increasingly common scenario counselors must face. Some of Constantine's work that can be found free online (some pop-ups, unfortunately):

Factors influencing the educational and vocational transitions of Black and Latino high school students

Religious participation, spirituality, and coping among African American college students

Cultural congruity, womanist identity attitudes, and life satisfaction among African American college women attending historically black and predominantly white institutions

Collective self-esteem and perceived social support as predictors of cultual congruity among Black and Latino college students

Emotional intelligence and empathy: their relation to multicultural counseling knowledge and awareness - Statistical Data Included

Universal-diverse orientation and general expectations about counseling: Their relation to college students' multicultural counseling expectations

School counselors' universal-diverse orientation and aspects of their multicultural counseling competence

Examining multicultural counseling competence and race-related attitudes among white marital and family therapists

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