Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Pop Quiz

This is a selection of questions from the (take-home) quiz for the feminist philosophy section of my recent intro course. How would you have done?

Multiple Choice

1. The visual presentation of objects, especially but not exclusively women, in such a way that the viewer is forced into a distinctively 'male' point of view is known in feminist aesthetics as:

a) sexism
b) the male gaze
c) gendered viewing
d) visual harassment.

3. In the ethics of care, which of the following would be the most accurate description of 'engrossment'?

a) a method for understanding, involving lovingly attentive and open reflection on others
b) obsession or infatuation, particularly to a dangerous degree
c) motivational displacement
d) caring that is reciprocated by the person cared for

4. Which of the following is most likely to be accepted by someone who believes that all knowledge is situated knowledge?

a) Nothing is really known because 'knowledge' is a relative term.
b) While some things are known, everything that is known is constructed by the mind rather than found in the world.
c) All knowledge has a place in a universal and objective system of knowledge.
d) All knowing is from a particular and partial perspective, and shaped by the character and context of the knower.

8. Which of the following is a key element of epistemology for standpoint theory?

a) the conditions for saying that a belief is justified
b) marginalized experience
c) direct, intuitive understanding
d) the impossibility of genuine knowledge

Short Answer

1. In a few sentences, summarize the Hegelian story of the Lord and the Bondslave (also called the master-slave dialectic) and how some standpoint epistemologists have adapted it.

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