Sunday, April 13, 2008


And to add to the collection: John Keble's version.


Praise ye the Lord from heaven,
Praise Him in deeps on high,
Him praise to whom is given
To serve Him in the sky:
All ye His host,
Sun, moon, each star
That gleams afar,
Him praise and boast.

Ye heavens above heaven's roof,
Praise Him; and all ye stores
Of waters high aloof,
Beyond where heaven adores.
Praise they the Name
Of our high Lord:--
He spake the word,
They found their frame.

He said, "For ever stand;"
Through ages evermore
Their law and rule He plann'd'
Not one may pass it o'er.
For earth beneath
Ye dragons fell
And depths of hell
His praises breathe.

Thou fire and hail and snow,
The wild mist's darksome hoard,
And winds that whirling blow
To work His awful word;
Dark mountains all,
Green upland leas,
Fair fruitful trees,
And cedars tall:

What haunts the forest deep,
What feeds by lake or spring,
And worms that lowly creep,
And fowl of fearless wing:--
Ye kings enthron'd,
All in high place,
Each realm and race,
Earth's judges own'd:--

Let youths and maidens fair,
Let time-worn fathers old,
With infants, all declare
The glorious Name untold,
How towers alone
His perfect throne,
His awful fame;

His fame o'er heaven and earth;
Their horn behold Him raise,
Who are His own by birth,
Of all His saints the praise;
Their pride and grace,
Whom He brought near,
His Israel dear,
His chosen race.

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