Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Drupal Without Scruple

I finally decided to get around to updating Houyhnhnm Land; and instead of just going WordPress as before, I decided to try Drupal. There is aan immense amount to get used to, but I must say that I am loving it. Previous versions of Drupal had a reputation for being difficult to install, which had kept me away for a while; but this version (6.2) was beautifully easy. I'm still dipping my toe in the water, but I'll be taking the whole summer to do a bit of exploring; and the nice thing about moving to Drupal is that I'll be able to add new functions and sections to the site, thus making it more what I've wanted it to be (and had to settle for not having). In any case, if there's anyone who has any special tips and hints, let me know in the comments; and if I come across anything particularly neat or interesting, I'll update here.

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