Monday, June 02, 2008

A Hymn Draft

Jack Perry posted a translation of the original hymn, which got me thinking on the matter. I have taken more liberties than are quite right. I don't really like the fourth line, but the last stanza turned out well enough.

Lucis Creator Optime

Supreme creator of the vital light,
who light sends forth each age to conquer night,
and lays the earth's foundation now anew
on light as fresh as youth of morning dew;

who bade the joining of the eve and morn
that lo! the turn of day and night be born,
let all the dark and rolling chaos fall
and hear our tearful prayers as we call:

May minds borne down by charge in inner court
to hopeless worldly craving not resort,
nor let them wander from the gift of life,
from endless grace turned by the spirit's strife;

May they knock on heaven's inmost gates
and have the prize of life writ for their fate;
May we flee each thing that causes harm
and purge ourselves of baser things that charm;

Grant this, Father, lovingkind and true,
through the One and Only born of You,
with Spirit Paraclete one God sublime
ruling all the worlds and for all time.

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