Sunday, July 13, 2008

Eighty Key History Blogs

I came back from Albuquerque to find that Ralph Luker has made a list of eighty key history blogs.

With that reminder that life on the internet is fleeting, there is a group of history blogs that seem to me to be central to history blogging. I don't presume to say that they are The Top 100 Liberal Arts Professor Blogs. Nor do I even suggest that they are better than other history blogs that are not on the list. I do mean to say that, without them, history education on the internet would be seriously impoverished. Below the fold are 80 history blogs that I recommend. You'll recognize some of them. Others, you may not yet have discovered:
AHA Today
Ancient World Bloggers Group
Axis of Evel Knieval

Blog Them Out of the Stone Age
The Bowery Boys
Britannica Blog
Built History

Cabinet of Wonders
Cardinal Wolsey's Today in History
Chapati Mystery
The China Beat
Civil War Memory
Civil Warriors
A Corner of 10th Century Europe
Curious Expeditions

Dan Cohen
Digital History Hacks
A Don's Life

Early Modern Notes
Early Modern Whale
Easily Distracted
The Edge of the American West
Europe Endless

Frog in a Well

Ghost in the Machine
Got Medieval

A Historian's Craft
History is Elementary
History Unfolding
Hugo Schwyzer

In the Middle
Informed Comment
Investigations of a Dog

Jottings from the Granite Studio

Lawyers, Guns, and Money
Legal History Blog
The Little Professor

Mercurius Politicus
more than 95 theses

New Kid on the Hallway
The Nonist

Obscene Desserts
Old Is The New New
OUP Blog

Pink Tentacle
Politics & Letters
Positive Liberty
Progressive Historians
The Proletarian
Public Historian

Religion in American History
Rogue Classicism
Rustbelt Intellectual

Steamboats are ruining everything
Strange Maps

Talking Points Memo
Tenured Radical
Trench Fever

U. S. Intellectual History

Varieties of Unreligious Experience

Walking the Berkshires
Westminster Wisdom
Whitman's Brooklyn
wood s lot


That's a really great, and very diverse, list. There are a few I've actually never read before, and will have to start reading at least occasionally; but of those that I've read, there are some splendid ones. As you can see, Siris was listed; it's quite an honor to represent history of philosophy among some of the bright lights of the history blogosphere.

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