Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Notes and Links

* I will be moving to a new apartment over the next few days; I don't know how that will affect posting.

* Philosophers' Carnival LXXVII is being hosted by Kenny Pearce.

* Speaking of which, Kenny is doing some guest blogging at Houyhnhnm Land; his first post, on Berkeley's account of ordinary objects is a good one, and it looks like it might receive some good discussion. Go over and join in.

* Also, I'm looking for other guest bloggers at HL; the posts have to be on some facet of early modern thought (or approaches thereto), but just about anything falling under that label would work. I'd love, for instance, to get historians of all kinds, literary scholars, and the like adding their two cents; I'd also love specialists from outside the early modern period looking at how later periods viewed the early modern period or how earlier periods prepared for it; and so forth. With Houyhnhnm Land I really am trying to break into new ways of doing history of philosophy, taking it to new heights through new interactions, new methods, etc. But, however clever I may be, doing that successfully requires more than myself alone. So if you're interested, let me know what you have in mind.

* St. Jerome on educating little girls. Fascinating stuff; some commentary here.

* Yup'ik Tundra Navigation. How the Yup'ik navigate the frozen wastelands. A quite sophisticated set of methods and rules of thumb, as you might expect. (ht)

* Michael Flynn on his short story, "Quaestiones Super Caelo et Mundo," an alt-history science fiction tale toying with the idea of a scientific revolution in the Middle Ages due to a counterfactually early translation of Philoponus. (It's quite a good story, if you haven't read it and are interested in medieval philosophy; you can find it in some issue or other of Analog.) Incidentally, and I do mean 'incidentally', since it is entirely tangential, I don't think I've mentioned Flynn's book In the Country of the Blind
before here; I highly recommend it, and think it Flynn's best work so far (much as I like Eifelheim). You would certainly like it if you like psychohistory or Analytical Engines.

* D.G.D. Davidson reviews the Girl Genius comics. Girl Genius is online. It's pretty decent if you like long story arcs and fiction in the style of steampunk; although the authors call it 'gaslamp fantasy' in order to mark out the fact that it diverges from standard steampunk tropes. You really do have to read it from the very beginning to make sense of much; but you can get a taste from the short stories page.

* But you shouldn't hold it against Girl Genius that it's praised by someone who can write a post on the strengths and weaknesses of the first season of Battlestar Galactica and not only not mention Laura Roslin's quiet yet ruthless awesomeness, but say nothing more favorable about her than "moderately tolerable." Moderately tolerable!

* Michael Liccione on whether freedom is the ability to choose rightly.

* YouTube Finds:
Al Stewart, Merlin's Time.
David Gray, Ain't No Love.
Tsofnat, Umbrella (Rihanna cover).
Tapio Heinonen, Vanhe Tie.
Blind Willie Johnson, John the Revelator.
Billy Joel, Pressure.
Golden Earring, Twilight Zone.
Logic gates using toys.
Dr. Kamala Krithivasan has a series of lectures on logic (computer science) for her Discrete Mathematical Structures course. Part 1: Propositional Logic, Part 2: Propositional Logic (cont'd), Part 3: Predicates & Quantifiers, Part 4: Predicates and Quantifiers (cont'd), Part 5: Logical Inference, Part 6: Resolution Principles & Application to PROLOG, Part 7: Methods of Proof, Part 8: Normal Forms, Part 9: Proving Programs Correct, Part 10: Sets, Part 11: Induction, Part 12: Set Operations on Strings Over an Alphabet, Part 13: Relations, Part 14: Graphs, Part 15: Graphs (cont'd), Part 16: Trees, Part 17: Trees and Graphs, Part 18: Special Properties of Relations, Part 19: Closure of Relations, Part 20: Closure of Relations (cont'd), Part 21: Order Relations, Part 22: Order Relations and Equivalence Relations, Part 23: Equivalence Relations and Partitions, Part 24: Functions, Part 25: Functions (cont'd)

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