Thursday, September 25, 2008

Three Poem Drafts

I am still losing my battle with the books in my struggle to unpack. I have to buy shelves this afternoon in an attempt to reduce the unsightly pile of boxes of books that have staged a sit-in in my living room and refuse to move until I find shelf space for them. In the meantime, here are some very rough things, of the sort that have come to mind while walking.

Leaves of Trees

The leaves of trees are so bright green
and covered with a rainy sheen
that falls on them from silver cloud;
the branches rise so high, so proud
of all they are and all that is,
an emblem of this very bliss
that joins us here and binds us now
beneath this tree, beneath this bough.


A lady by the salted sea
now sleeps forevermore;
forever on the sands I walk,
her beauty to adore.
Her hair is sun turned into strand,
her skin is light like cream;
by the endless ocean's wave
she endlessly shall dream.
I loved her deeply in my youth,
but she my brother wed;
I wove enchantment in the air
and struck my brother dead.
I spoke a word of ancient might
that turned her soul to sleep
and cast a spell on time itself
my love always to keep.
Now I walk upon the sand
for ages none can tell
and keep my heart upon her form,
and sigh, and love in hell.

Lord My God, How Can I Dare

Lord my God, how can I dare
to bear this cross I cannot bear,
the cross you bore upon the hill,
when I lack the strength and will?

Lord my God, how can I fight
the fiercest tumults of the night
or hold to right when lines are drawn
between the darkness and the dawn?

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