Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Linkable Thinkables

* The 79th Philosophers' Carnival is up at "Possibly Philosophy"

* Timothy Burke analyzes the slow (and in the future, possibly swift) decline of higher education. Miriam Burstein discusses Burke's analysis at "The Little Professor".

* A post with some interesting discussion (incl. in the comments) on perceptions of masculinity and femininity in women, at "Feminist Philosphers": The Doc Marten Vote.

* Bonnie Mann, Beauvoir and the Question of a Woman's Point of View

* An opinion column arguing that network theory is a useful tool for understanding the current credit woes.

* Music and the Enlightenment at "Philosophers' Zone". There was also a recent episode on Frankenstein and Romanticism, although I found that one a bit disappointing.

* A review of Anne Rice's Called Out of Darkness at "Flos Carmeli"

* The ten highest-earning authors

* I don't think it's quite comforting, but apparently academia is a mess all the world over.

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