Thursday, November 06, 2008

Notes and Links

Houyhnhnm Land is currently being upgraded from shared hosting to a virtual private server. This won't affect the site at all unless I do something completely stupid, but there was a snag in setting up email, so if you are trying to contact me and use the branem2[at]branemrys[dot]org address you won't be able to get through for probably about a week. If you need to contact me in the meantime, you can reach me at bwatson2 [at] austincc [dot] edu (all together, with [at] and [dot] properly changed).

In any case it will be a nice change; there will be an adjustment period (a problem with technology: you get comfortable and then have to upgrade), but it will allow me to expand the sorts of resources available through Houyhnhnm Land, and finally get some things up and running that I haven't yet had the chance to start up, without worrying much about things like memory and bandwidth. I'm already liking Plesk better than the CPanel I was stuck with under shared hosting. It's a crazy bit more expensive than shared hosting, though; it's the equivalent of quite a few trips to Half-Price Books!

* Documenta Catholica Omnia. Wow.

* Voting and Calvinist Prayer at "Parableman".

* Something I didn't know: George Washington is one reason why Americans don't celebrate Guy Fawkes' Day.

* Somehow I don't think that trying to stir up anti-Mormon prejudices is quite the way to encourage sympathy for gay marriage, even if there was widespread Mormon support for the opposed measure.

* YouTube find: Ralph McInerny on Thomas Aquinas as an heir of Aristotle

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