Thursday, January 01, 2009

Seventh Day of the Month

I'm back, having had a great time. But I'm a bit exhausted, so there won't be any serious posting today. Instead, I'll follow through on a Siris tradition: reviewing the year just finished by linking to the posts that happened to fall on the seventh day of each month.

January: Two Poem Drafts

Pop Quiz Answers

February: no post

March: Three Poem Drafts

Pointing Out an Argument about Truth

April: Links and Notes

May: Three New Poem Drafts and a Re-Draft

Links for Thinking

June: no post

July: Knowledge, Fancy, Judgment, Sensibility

Links and Notes

August: The Decalogue as an Outline of Friendship

September: Experience and the Presidency

Socrates and Apollodorus

October: Linkable Thinkables

The Angel in the House

November: no post

December: Liberal Arts

That does seem fairly representative; a lot of link posts and poem draft posts, which tend to go up when I'm in a long stretch of being busy, or away from my computer a lot.

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