Monday, April 20, 2009

The Library on My Bedroom Floor

There is quite a pile of books on my bedroom floor, put there for all sorts of reasons -- some I'm in the middle of reading, some I used for some particular purpose and have never gotten around to putting on a shelf again, some I intend to get around to reading or re-reading. I thought I would gather together all the titles that are piled on my floor and post them here. It perhaps gives some notion of my interests although, of course, not all of them are equally liked.

Jaroslav Pelikan, The Melody of Theology.
Diana Wynne Jones, Unexpected Magic.
Gilles Deleuze, Spinoza.
Flann O'Brien, Further Cuttings from Cruiskeen Lawn.
James J. Murphy, Rhetoric in the Middle Ages.
Rosemarie Putnam Tong, Feminist Thought.
William Earle, James M. Edie, and John Wild. Christianity and Existentialism.
Plato, Gorgias.
Martha C. Sammons, A Guide Through Narnia.
Stanley Hauerwas, Suffering Presence.
Lady Charlotte Guest, The Mabinogion.
Philip Jenkins, The New Anti-Catholicism.
Isaac Asimov, The Caves of Steel.
Annette T. Rottenberg, The Structure of Argument.
Roger Lancelyn Green, King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table.
Yves R. Simon, A General Theory of Authority.
J. R. R. Tolkien, The Book of Lost Tales I.
Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle, and Michael Flynn, Fallen Angels.
Wilkie Collins, The Woman in White.
Samuel Butler, Erewhon and Erewhon Revisited.
Edgar K. Browning and Mark A. Zupan, Microeconomic Theory & Applications
Christopher Priest, The Prestige.
Thomas Aquinas, Disputed Questions on the Virtues.
Nicolas Malebranche, Dialogues on Metaphysics and on Religion.
Thomas Aquinas, On Law, Morality, and Politics.
Guy Consolmagno, Brother Astronomer.
Immanuel Kant, Critique of Pure Reason.
Christine de Pizan, The Book of the City of Ladies.
G. K. Chesterton, Charles Dickens.
David Scott, On Malebranche.
David Hume, An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding.
Benedict Spinoza, Theological-Political Treatise.
Robert L. Causey, Logic, Sets, and Recursion.
Immanuel Kant, On History.
Norman F. Cantor, Medieval Lives.
Allen Mandelbaum, The Odyssey of Homer.
Rhoda Hendricks and Lisa Padol, Latin Made Simple.
Francis de Sales, The Catholic Controversy.
Gary Lachman, Rudolf Steiner.
Jacob Neusner, Judaism as Philosophy.
Burton Watson, Hsun Tzu: Basic Writings.
Jacob Neusner, The Transformation of Judaism.
Martha Nussbaum, Sex & Social Justice.
Orson Scott Card, The Changed Man.
J. R. R. Tolkien, The Shaping of Middle Earth.
Paul Woodruff, Euripides: Bacchae.
Werner Heisenberg, Physics and Philosophy.
Anne Rice, The Road to Cana.
James Blish and Robert Lowndes, The Duplicated Man.
J. F. Donceel, Philosophical Anthropology.
Agatha Christie, Miss Marple: The Complete Short Stories.
John Stuart Mill, The Six Great Humanistic Essays of John Stuart Mill.
Thomas Reid, Inquiry and Essays.
Berel Lang, Heidegger's Silence.
Dorothy L. Sayers, Hangman's Holiday.
Susanna Clarke, The Ladies of Grace Adieu.
Sheridan Gilley, Newman and His Age.

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