Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Two Poem Re-Drafts


A lady by the salted sea
now sleeps forevermore;
forever on the sands I walk,
her beauty to adore.
Her hair is sun turned into strand,
her skin is light like cream;
by endless ocean's endless wave
she endlessly shall dream.
I loved her deeply in my youth,
but she my brother wed;
I wove enchantment in the air
that struck my brother dead.
I spoke a word of ancient might
that turned her soul to sleep
and cast a spell on time itself
eternal love to keep.
Now walk I upon the sand
for ages none can tell
keep my heart upon her form,
cry out, and love in hell.


The moon is full tonight,
as is my mind:
memories of another life,
another time.

On the river-water
waves ripple as boats glide;
each ripple is half-remembered
as it rises up, then dies.

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