Monday, July 20, 2009

Two Poem Drafts

On Ps 147:4

Stars beyond all human sight that stand mind-numbing miles away, like sparrows, lilies, swirl in course without regard for human thought! Yet they are sheep in vasty meadows; he who made them guides each one and knows them in their deepest depths: he knows the number of each one and calls them all by name. See the King of all creation! Eyes of flesh will never see His face, but they may rise to see the edge of robe divine: that hem is made of all the stars.


The final tally taken, all the world at rest,
the sun has finally set in the melancholy west,
the twilight stars have strengthened
to shine like diamond fire
and earth itself, long tired,
for bed has now undressed,
and you and I will slumber, deep in quiet dreams
until the vivid dawn awakes us with its beams.

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