Saturday, August 15, 2009

Four Poem Drafts


Walk the rightwise way,
reason, revel, pray;
in labor, study, play,
show your worth.
Love, delight, dwell,
turn to heaven even hell,
and you will flourish well
on the earth.

Psalm 100

Rejoice loudly to the Lord,
all on earth;
worship His Name, gladly sing
in glory.
Know that He is God, the one Lord:
He made us.
We his people are his pastured flock.

Enter the gate with thanksgiving,
come in with praise.
Thank Him and bless His holy Name.
He is good,
His lovingkindness will last,
His troth endure,
unto every generation.


Black mire, dark night, wraps around me,
storms of rain pour down on my head
and I weep now for what I miss:
your voice, your smile, conversations,
shared dreams, sunrise hopes,
and you, all you.


Fair form
gives us access
to fine custom,
custom to fair lesson,
beautiful thought,
which comes home soon
to beauty.

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