Thursday, August 27, 2009

Links and Links

* An excellent discussion of science popularization by Chad Orzel.

* Zuska on genius.

* Some interesting discussion of natural rights at "Positive Liberty"

Hanley on Natural Rights
Natural Rights Crank Speaks
Rights, Act III
Rights and Dangers

* A good column by Pankaj Mishra on Islam in Europe. (ht)

* Larry Moran has an interesting and, I think, cogent set of criticisms of Robert Wright.

* Time for a dose of scholasticism! The Everyday Thomist discusses A Thomistic Response to N. T. Wright on Metaphysics, Trinitarian Formulas, and the Historical Jesus. James Chastek of "Just Thomism" looks at the same topic a step farther back in If you don't like Scholasticism, don't study it. Meanwhile, Ralph McInerny has a post at "The Catholic Thing," Philosophia Perennis, which Lee Faber at "The Smithy" discusses in Thomistic Mediations; Or, a Scotist Looks at Vatican II.

* Luca Cardelli, Abstract Machines of Systems Biology (PDF), discusses the diagramming of biological systems.

* The CESNUR conference on mainstreaming and marginalization of religious movements has some interesting papers online. (ht)

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