Sunday, October 04, 2009

Admin Note

You may notice that comments are now moderated. The reason is that someone was recently banned from commenting here due to irrational attacks on other commenters (antisemitic insults and the like). In particular, he continued to do so after being explicitly warned to stop or be banned; but as sometimes happens with comment-thread trolls, the person in question has been unable to grasp the concept of a ban, and has repeatedly tried to evade it. So that I won't have to worry about quieter folks being attacked by the sort of malice typically involved in his comments, comments will be under moderation for an indefinite period. This will allow me to delete his comments before anyone wastes time reading them, but will mean that during certain times of the week (Fridays and Saturdays especially at present) any comments you leave will be slow in appearing. Apologies for any inconvenience.

UPDATE: A warning for all commenters -- instead of addressing the issue on his own blog, he has bothered one commenter here on her blog, writing trollish off-topic comments as part of his case that he is not a troll. I am recommending to all commenters that for the immediate future they not enter their blog link when commenting here if they allow comments there. Apologies yet again for any inconvenience. This post will be moved to the top.

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