Thursday, November 19, 2009

Links for Thinking

* The Alexandrian, an online Catholic cultural magazine for young Canadians, has published its Fall 2009 edition.

* Turning novel openings into chess games

* Ed Feser has an interesting post on Plato's affinity argument in the Phaedo.

* Humphrey notes some serious lapses in the article on Hypatia of Alexandria in the Encyclopedia Britannica.

*Cédric Eyssette gives links to the original sources of the Jack, Anne, and George problem that I posted a while back, as well as a useful little summary (in French) of what's supposed to be involved in it.

* A suggestion about how to understand the breastplate and belt in Paul's 'whole armor of God'. Commenters also note links to Exodus 28, Isaiah 59, and Wisdom 5.

* Rebecca recently had a post on the theological term 'covenant'.

* Mike Flynn discusses various possibilities for alien intelligence.

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